Home Capability

We provide a variety of manufacturing and testing services to cater to the requirements of API manufacturers. Our strength lies in our manufacturing ability along with our expertise in process development and analytical testing.

Contract Manufacturing (CMO) & Custom Development and Manufacturing (CDMO)

With two manufacturing facilities, we offer Manufacturing & Development services such as Lab Assessment, Process Optimization and Stabilization, Scale-up & Commercial Manufacturing for APIs, Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals. Our facilities along with the R&D and analytical capacity helps us to handle complex APIs, Intermediates and highly potent materials at both developmental and commercial scale. Our competent and experienced team delivers the projects in a timely manner to meet client expectations with an unparalleled focus on quality and cost. 

CDMO Scale-Up Capability

  • C-C bond reactions using Organometallic Chemistry-Suzuki, Sonagashira, Kumada, Negishi and Heck coupling reactions Boronates and Boronic acid synthesis
  • Cryo reactions with n-BuLi, LDA and Li-HMDS
  • Hazardous chemistry (Nitration, POCl3 and BBr3 reactions)
  • Hydrogenations at pressures ( up to 10 Kg (150 psi) pressure)
  • Chiral chemistry – Asymmetric synthesis and chemical resolutions
  • Reductions using metal hydrides
  • Synthesis of Complex Molecules/Targets – Multistep

Analytical Capability

The analytical services department caters to the requirements of R&D and also supports regular manufacturing activities with in-process and final release testing. A modern testing facility manned by experienced staff support both in-house and customer projects. The facility also has the capability to carry out stability study program as per the ICH guidelines.